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We are a direct importer of the luxurious fittings from THG Paris.
You can order all THG Paris fittings from us.
You will find the whole selection on

4140 TGH Paris Bath Tap Vignette final CG

Amagalme Hamptons 01

G4R 152 B01 ART

A4K 151 B01 AmbianceShowroom 02


Technical Service / Spare Parts Service

The manufacturer THG Paris offers an excellent service for older fittings. However, often a simple service by your plumber is enough to eliminate a malfunction, i.e. disassemble, clean, re-grease.

We will be happy to advise you.

Our technical department is staffed continuously from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 15:00.

Popular classics have been constantly developed further and are now supplied with the latest technology. If necessary, you can easily supplement your existing fittings with new fittings in a matching design. Even with historical models, individual parts can still be delivered later or replaced with other fittings from our range.

Spare parts requests

In order for us to be able to give you qualified advice, we ask for photos of the situation as a whole, preferably also of the other fittings in the bathroom, i.e. on the bathtub and shower. Please send your photos to and tell us what the fault is.

If necessary, write a short explanation per photo. The photos will be forwarded to the manufacturer THG Paris and must therefore be clearly understandable.

An order with clarification of technical details should be placed by the installer by whom you wish to have the installation carried out.