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began in 1895 when the stonemason Sebastian Obermaier founded a company in Landshut that specialized in the refinement of natural stones. This is documented by the entry in the handicrafts register of the city of Landshut in the same year.

The 3rd generation, Josef Obermaier sen. was initially successful as a stone sculptor and restorer in Landshut. Countless tombs and monuments bear his signature, the Linbrunner portal of the Martinskirche and the fountain in the ducal court garden are his most famous works. His tomb for Hans Hofbauer, one of the “fathers” of the “Landshut Wedding 1475”, was bought in 2017 by the Landshut City Museum.

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 Fountain by Josef Obermaier with a bronze sculpture by Hugo Högner. Landshut 1960.

With the establishment of a branch in Landshut in 1958 and 1964 in Welfenstrasse in Munich by Josef Obermaier senior. Marble Obermaier was able to establish itself as the first marble wholesaler in the Federal Republic. In the course of time, at the special request of some customers, we began, among other things, to plan exclusive bathrooms with natural stone and to carry them out on our own. When the demand increased, a separate branch of the business emerged from this in 1968 - the Obermaier Bäder house on Maximiliansplatz in Munich.

Today the company is run by the married couple Marianne and Josef Obermaier in the fourth generation. A new era in the company's history began in 2014 with the move to new premises at Salvatorplatz in Munich.

Our maxim has always been to preserve the craftsmanship in accordance with the tradition of our company. Every detail is made with a lot of love from high-quality materials as a one-off, whereby we work either according to our own designs or according to the individual specifications of our customers. Manufacturing in large series was never an option for us.

The most successful of our own collections are the bathtubs with their unrivaled comfort and our willingness to meet even the most unusual customer requests.

In addition, we represent manufacturers from many countries. We are importers, exclusive dealers and wholesalers for these factories.

Our areas are bathroom, bathroom textiles, homewear, nightwear, living and decoration.



Extraordinary requirements and our own developments are particularly important to us. We are also happy to carry out construction projects outside of Europe, taking into account regional regulations and requirements. We have baths in the USA, Russia, Japan, Thailand, Qatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Here are highlights from the younger years.


  • For a German spa, we developed a drainage system for our bathtubs that enables our bathtubs to be used for mud baths. Since then, our bathtubs have been used in therapeutic baths with a wide variety of therapies.


  • For a cosmetic institute we developed a massage system with which it is possible to use a rose petal bath or similar bath products. Since then, our massage bathtubs have been in beauty centers around the world, e.g. in Florence, Davos, Monte Carlo and Cairo.


  • Development of a nozzle system for free-standing bathtubs with visible piping in the finest workmanship.
  • Manufacture of fittings and accessories with precious stone elements for equipping a private aircraft.


  • The Obermaier manufactory produces modern countertop washbasins in solid bronze cast. Current design in archaic material, for which the term "Modern Nature" is later coined.
  • Development of an integrated drain for natural stone and bronze pools.
  • Further development of the medical massage system with several zones with new, even smaller nozzles. The visible parts of the nozzles remain


  • Development of a special surface for fittings based on tin and zinc coating for an extraordinary look.
  • In cooperation with the renowned medical supply store von Schlieben, barrier-free equipment for Obermaier bathtubs was developed that is suitable for the elderly
    developed. The medical aids are presented in the exhibition of the specialist medical house von Schlieben in the center of Munich.


  • Opening of the new wellness area in the exhibition on Maximiliansplatz.
  • The Obermaier - Manufaktur reproduces antique gargoyles as water inlets with standard connection.
  • Development of water inlets and waterfall showers made of natural stone.
  • Development of an electric stone heater.
  • Development of shower thermostats in natural stone without annoying revision panels.
  • Development of toilet flushes with invisible revision options.


  • Development of a sound system in which the bathtub serves as a sound body.
  • Development of an integrated sealing solution for bathtubs for connection to the wall and floor.
  • Development of an overhaul solution for dimensionally variable bathtubs with cladding aprons.
  • Equipment of the sanitary areas in the sailing yacht "OPUS", which implements a new comfort-oriented concept. Modern design with natural, homely materials, called "Modern Nature".
  • Development of a custom-made wooden bathtub using a new type of boat building technique. The bathtub is individually manufactured in the boatyard according to your wishes.
  • Equipment of bathrooms in the south of France.


  • For a Bavarian maternity hospital, we developed a birth tub based on an Obermaier tub model, taking into account the special hygienic requirements for the medical sector.
  • Equipment of bathrooms in Qatar and Dubai.
  • The Luitpoldblock, in which our shop is located, celebrates “200 years of the Luitpoldblock” in 2012. In advance, new rooms for the toilets of Cafe Luitpold were created
    built. For this purpose, we have developed antique washing areas that are equipped with the latest sensor technology.


  • A customer who prefers to use natural materials wanted bathroom fittings that were to consist entirely of natural brass.
    For this we have made all parts in solid brass that are otherwise made of other materials or that have otherwise visible seams in the brass, if these are not covered by a chrome layer.
  • A customer with an Obermaier bathroom is severely restricted in his movement due to a stroke. We have developed individual holding and support handles and had them made for them. With these stable and correctly placed aids, he can now continue to use his bathroom "barrier-free".


  • An integrated bathtub spout should be placed in the curve of a bathtub for a special effect. The faster tub filling of the Obermaier inlet should be retained. We made a template of the rounding and developed an inlet that is adapted to the radius.


  • A freestanding version of our Golf bathtub was made for a bathroom in China. The bathtub was equipped with lighting, fittings and an inspection opening. All operating and assembly information was created in English. We supplied all of the bathroom furnishings with Baccarat crystal decorations.


  • Our bathtubs and basins are now also available in two colors. The two-tone design enables interesting color combinations for a very individual style.


  • For the Oktoberfest 2017, the Bavaria towel collection will appear in high-quality terrycloth with elaborate embroidery.





  • Entry of the Obermaier stone workshop in the handicrafts register of the city of Landshut


  • Establishment of the first production facility in Munich by Josef Obermaier senior. & Foundation of the first marble wholesaler in Germany


  • Establishment of a modern natural stone factory in Landshut-Ergolding. Marmor Obermaier becomes the largest German natural stone dealer.


  • Relocation to the site at Welfenstrasse 42 - 44, Munich


  • Opening of the Obermaier Bäder store on Maximiliansplatz in Munich


  • Josef Obermaier junior joins the company. in the management


  • Fritz P. Obermaier joins the management team


  • Cooperation with sales partner in Helsinki for Finland


  • 1st summer party on Odeonsplatz in cooperation with Christiane Herzog, wife of Federal President Roman Herzog, for the benefit of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


  • On the occasion of the 100th company anniversary, a work of art made of 100 extraordinary bathtubs was staged on Odeonsplatz in Munich.


  • Conversion and redesign of the business premises of Obermaier Bäder on Maximiliansplatz based on a concept by the designer and architect Matteo Thun


  • From the previous joint activities of the Luitpoldblock and some neighboring shops, the Brienner Quartier association was created, with the aim of maintaining and promoting our special quarter.


  • The married couple Josef and Marianne Obermaier became sole shareholders.


  • Opening of the new Obermaier House in the listed Minucci-Palais and in the Theatine monastery at the Theatine Church. The new concept is entirely dedicated to wellness with the new claim “Obermaier. We make wellness more beautiful ”.


  • The 120th anniversary of the family-owned company is celebrated with a large campaign in October.


  • Obermaier bathtubs can now be configured online in the online shop and can also be ordered online.


  • Our seasonal catalogs now appear as a biannual magazine.


  • We are celebrating our 125th company anniversary