Room fragrance “Refill” - Dr. Vranjes

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The 500 ml refill for the diffuser Dr. Vranjes Firenze ensures that you never run out of your favorite fragrance and extends its lifespan. New chopsticks are included with purchase that can be used depending on the size of your iconic glass diffuser.


500 ml. - Original Dr. Vranjes refill

The fragrance of the refill has the same intensity and quality as the one you acquired with the glass fragrance accessory. Whenever you buy a fragrance, we recommend that you always have a refill on hand to keep the liquid level at two thirds of the diffuser. This prevents the oxygen in the decanter from accelerating evaporation, which means that the room fragrance lasts longer.

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Ginger Lime, Acqua, Melograno Menta, Fuoco, Terra, Rosso Nobile, Giardini di Boboli, Calvado's

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