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"Rosso Nobile" room fragrance - Dr. Vranjes

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Rosso Nobile is a sublime accord between the sweet and fruity notes of grapes and berries, the soft notes of violet and magnolia and the birch wood, which is reminiscent of the effect of tannins in wine. The scent of a Tuscan red wine is ideal for creating relaxing living areas.



The Rosso Nobile room fragrance is the result of a challenge presented by Francis Paolo Vranjes. His good friend, a winemaker, was convinced that more smells can be perceived in a glass of red wine than those that can be reproduced in a perfume. And that it is impossible to create a fragrance that can reproduce these nuances. He was taught better a few years later when the perfumer sent him Rosso Nobile.

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Dr. Vranjes

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