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Room Fragrance "Malabar Pepper" - Locherber Milano

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Aromatic oriental fragrance, spicy and woody with top notes of ginger, orange, bergamot and cinnamon, combined with myrtle, geranium, black pepper, elegance and nutmeg, to cypress, vetiver, patchouli and cedarwood.
Hand-painted glass vase.
Jacquard fabric label.


A heart of black pepper with spicy and woody notes; inspired by the Malabar coast in India, where the world's most valuable pepper is grown, which has led the great Portuguese explorers, including Vasco de Gama, to follow the route of spices between India and Europe over time. Let yourself be enchanted by the aromas of the Malabar pepper.

The T2 cap is made by hand using techniques patented by Locherber, reminiscent of the capital of a Roman temple, to underline the influence of the culture of ancient Rome and create a piece of Made in Italy design that enhances the space around us enriched.

The characteristics of this fragrance make it possible to integrate this elegant diffuser into any environment.

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500 ml, 1000 ml


Locherber Milano

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